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Samples in Procedural midi can be added by adding *.wav files in the samples subdirectory. It uses the A4 note as a base to change the frequency to the note played:

int a = 440; // a is 440 hz...
return (int)((a / 32f) * (Math.Pow(2, ((midiIdx + 12 - 9) / 12f))));

This is the midi frequency for a certain note. So to play the sample it's lineairly scaled by applying midi_freq / A * base sample rate. This will give problems for samples that have a high sample rate because DirectSound only allows a frequency range of 100 - 200000 (see

Forward midi output to another sound application

Posted on OC Remix forums by OmegaDonut:

A quick guide to getting this to work:

1) Install LoopBe. Download link is

2) Inside ProceduralMidi, you'll see another drop-down box below the instrument box, which probably currently says "Microsoft Wavetable GS Synth". Change it to "LoopBe Internal MIDI".

3) Set your VST host or whatever program you're using to use LoopBe as an input MIDI device.

Musical scales

With the latest version you can now store predefined music scales. If you look in the main application folder, you'll find a scales.txt (if not you can create one). If you open that you can enter scales as followed:

<Name of scale>=<Notes for scale>

with each entry on a new line. After you've saved, you can go to the Tools menu and choose Reload scales to refresh the available scales.



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